Amine Najjar: Step Out Of The B.O.X.

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Amine Najjar, is currently a solo Artist and Songwriter from Beirut, Lebanon. Amine was also my classmate and friend (who happened to bully me :p) during high school. Amine started his passion for singing very early on, at the age of 12. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, this is Amine Najjar’s story.

Can you briefly tell us who Amine Najjar is?

My rap alias is B.O.X and I’m a solo Artist and Songwriter. I say “Artist” instead of Rapper because art has no limits. This philosophy drives me to continuously push extreme boundaries with original ideas, meaningful lyrics and most importantly: catchy hooks and melodies.

Starting at a young age, I was confident enough to continuously write and record original hits for a general audience (radios and the clubs commercial & non commercial etc.).

I am now currently based in Dubai and still unsigned, I am only 24 years old and I have a lot ahead of me.

How do you make yourself known as Amine Najjar & B.O.X?

The name B.O.X. is a mental representation of the 4 walls of my bedroom. It reminds me of the one place I spent working on myself. Missing weekends with friends, my bedroom was the place my lyrics came alive and represents the dedication and perseverance I put into making myself the man I am today.

I pursued higher education where I obtained a Master’s Degree in the field of Mass Communication. This master helped me learn how to use my artist name “B.O.X” as a product. This allowed me to reach my targeted listeners and audience on a psychological level.

Each one of my songs have a little bit of my own personal experiences and hardships. This way, I’m able to give my music a distinct sound that my devoted listeners can appreciate. My music videos also portray the raw process of how my music gets produced. As an artist, it’s my duty to provide my listeners with a look into the methods my fellow artists and I employ.

My aim is to become a recognized international artist, having my music shared with everyone. The next step is to write full songs for already established international artists.

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What have you achieved so far?

My songs have reached the top radio stations across the Middle East and topped the charts.  Moreover, my video for ‘An Animal Called Human‘ has made it to ‘An Animal Called Human’ is also playing in Los Angeles and the Midwest through one of the biggest coast to coast mixtape DJs ”DJ Banga”. This station has millions of listeners, and that’s great exposure for me, especially at this stage.

My new video ‘Black Heart‘ has been playing throughout MTV Arabia T.V station up until the end of last April, and top radio stations as well. It is has also been taking over Amman’s #1 radio station, Play 99.6.

Over the past few years, Amine has put so much time and dedication into his rap career and lyric writing. Amine’s constant hard work & dedication got him radio play on the top stations in the Middle East. As a result of his success, he was recognized by international artist ‘Danzel’ (the artist responsible for his worldwide hit single ‘pump it up’). B.O.X collaborated with Danzel on a commercial club track that is soon to be released on his new album. Shortly after his latest single, B.O.X was personally contacted by international rappers (The Game and Status Quo) and also Tche Vicious (head agent of Kanye west’s music label (Good Music) praising him on his wonderful work.

“I hope one day I’ll get the opportunity to be working with and learning from the best. I strongly believe that, with the proper support team and professional guidance, I will be capable of co-creating future worldwide hits.”

Enjoy B.O.X’s latest video in collaboration with T. Fahim, and my personal favorite, “Black Heart“.

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