OUYA? Oh Yeah…

I first found out about the OUYA console a few months ago (really late I know) through Kickstarter. After reading about how cool OUYA’s initiative is, I wish I had found out before so I could have backed the project!¬†For all my gaming life, I have always bought a PlayStation. The SEGA was the first console for me back in the old days, and those days were the roots of my gaming experience. I only rarely tried others, but none of them stole my heart like Sony’s machine.

But as always, you have to try new things.

The OUYA vision is what attracts me. OUYA has promoted the idea that our “best gaming memories happened in the living room.” Can this be more true for me? The living room was where I played my first games, where I enjoyed those games with friends, and where I embarked on epic adventures. Given the amazing amount of money OUYA raised through Kickstarter, there clearly is demand, and support for such a vision.

Now, if you are looking for AAA titles like Battlefield or Call of Duty, maybe OUYA is not for you right now. However there’s no ruling out the possibility that things will change and we will have the opportunity to get AAA titles on the OUYA. You have to think 10x. There’s no point in doing something that is marginally better. While OUYA’s games are of a different nature, the goal is potentially ground breaking for the industry. With your own developer kit, you have direct access to create and share your creations quickly and easily. OUYA is proof that open source and user generated content is taking over (let’s not forget Steam). We now rely on referrals from friends and the authenticity of users speaking their minds about their experiences. OUYA is gateway for gamers to get their hands on great games from developers who know what gamers want.

There’s also that discussion about whether the OUYA can compete with the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. I’ve already mentioned they won’t have the same type of games, but I see it as a complimentary console to what you probably already have. It appeals to gamers who are willing to try a lighter side of gaming, or want to discover the creator within themselves. Who knows right now? A successful adoption could revolutionize business models, opening up new possibilities.

With the impending release date 3 days away, I am eager to purchase the console. Not just because I want to play games, but because OUYA gives me the chance to create (I still have to learn how) my own games as well. Oh, and a console for only $99? Yes please, and thank you.


To me, OUYA is plug and play. OUYA is open source. OUYA is simply gaming.