Who Am I?

I initially created this blog for my Social Web class, but I have been using it as a launchpad for my personal Internet revolution. I am really interested in the digital world. I’m a video game fanatic and I love technology.

I write about entrepreneurship, video games, technology and my personal experiences. The topics are a unique mix of the things I love coupled with stories from friends who’ve set up their businesses and my opinions on relationships and life in general.

Why Entrepreneurship?

During my experience in Madrid, I met people who were aspiring entrepreneurs, already bought and sold a business or currently starting new ones. They are my classmates and the main driving force who have inspired me to start my own business and build my own entrepreneurial personality.

This section of my blog explores the various businesses my classmates and friends have created. I talk about what their business is, where they currently are with it and what are the obstacles they face.

Find out more here.

The Video Game Journey

I’ve dedicated this section to talk about experience with video games. I’ve been playing video games since I was 4 years old, and I believe that my generation grew up with the best the industry had to offer. The 16-bit era by far has been, in my opinion, the turning point where video games found the path to becoming the mainstream media it now is.

I’ll be sharing interesting topics, news and my journey through this unique industry here.

The Passion For Technology

The Tech industry is another place I am interested in. I occasionally will post news within the industry and I’ll also post tech-related issues that I think need to be discussed and I’ll open the floor as to why technology is driving us forward, but only when used correctly.

Find out more on this topic here.

The Humanistic Side of This Blog

Amid all the other topics, I wanted to provide my readers with a section to discuss personal experiences and observations. I believe it’s important for one to share his / her own stories. Life is about experiences that teach you and the more you can share, the more you can learn.

I always do my best to share my experiences with you in their truest and sincerest form. Check out my life rambles here.

The Start of an Adventure

When I set out to create this blog, it was meant to last only for a few months. I’ve taken it forward since then and expanded it greatly. There’s so much to write about.

Every time I write, I keep one thing in mind: content is king. 

So, this blog isn’t meant to tell you what you should do, rather it should be meant to inspire you through the stories I share. It is a portal to fresh ideas and perspectives, so you can draw your own conclusions.

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Since I am not a professional skydiver, I am riding tandem in the picture.



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